Frédéric Gies

Frédéric Gies is a dancer and a choreographer, based in Stockholm and Berlin. After having danced in the works of various French choreographers in the 90′s, he started to develop his own work, which focuses on the articulation between dance, choreography and politics, and more precisely on how dance and choreography can address politics in a non-representational way. His pieces originate from rigorous movement research processes, which crystallize in practices that are often hybrids between somatics and other dance forms. Techno music and the experience of clubbing became a central element in his current work.

He creates his pieces alone or in collaboration with other choreographers (Jefta van Dinther, DD Dorvillier, Manuel Pelmus, Isabelle Schad, Alice Chauchat, Frédéric de Carlo, and Odile Seitz) or with artists from other disciplines (Fiedel, Anton Stoianov, Daniel Jenatsch, Ruth Waldeyer, Andrea Keiz). He has been one of the initiators of the collective praticable. He also danced in pieces of other choreographers (Jefta van Dinther, Antonja Livingstone, Petra Sabisch, Isabelle Schad).

Since 2012, he is a senior lecturer in choreography and head of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus – SKH. He is currently developing a research project at DOCH: Bad girls practices: un-writing dance, the body and the choir. In this frame, he started to develop practices that he labels as technosomatics and created the experiment Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere, a collaboration with the DJ Fiedel and the visual artist Anton Stoianov.