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What happens to conversation when boundaries collapse into free fall?

c.along #9 without face

Katherine Hubbard

August 30, 2015

7pm – 9pm

Participant Inc

253 E. Houston Street, New York

On Sunday August 30th 2015, 19 people participated in c.along #9 by Katherine Hubbard, artist based in Brooklyn, New York. For two hours, performers of c.along #9 without face explored the physiology of color vision and the history of color film. We talked, thought and moved through the many ways and times that color has played a major – and sometimes brutal – political, poetic and emotional role in society.

The space had black walls, was entirely blacked out, and was illuminated with 19 light bulbs. Each light bulb was assigned to one of the performers and throughout the c.along we changed the color of light bulbs with an interval of 30 minutes – shifting the light from red to blue to green – while at the same time performing movements and language exploring these different fields of color. When exposing the eye for a limited range of color vision, performative orchestrations and sensations could appear as well as other bodily functions and experiences of the meaning of color perception. The last 30 minutes of c.along #9 without face was performed in pitch black, in which two excerpts about the meaning of darkness was read aloud before ending with a final open speaking forum.

Before entering the space, each performer had been given a disposable color camera, with which they were asked to document the performance. The performers present therefore collectively authored the images in this chapter.

Choreography and documentation: A.K. Burns, Andrea Geyer, Anna Craycroft, Ariel Goldberg, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Fia Backström, Hanna Wildow, Jordan Strafer, Katherine Hubbard, Lee Relvas, Malin Arnell, Megan Hicks, Michael Owen, Rosalind Goldberg, Samara Davis, Savannah Knoop, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Steffani Jemison, Troy Mitchie


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