Dear Stina Dear Hanna

What happens to conversation when we make space for the wounds and the emotional?

c.along #7 Feelosophy

Stina Nyberg

June 17, 2015

7pm – 10pm

ccap / studio, Körsbärsvägen 9, Stockholm

On Wednesday June 17th 2015, 20 people participated in c.along #7 by Stina Nyberg, choreographer based in Stockholm. For three hours, performers of c.along #7 explored the matter of feeling publicly. c.along #7 Feelosophy was divided into two acts, performed in two different parts of the space. The first act took place lying down together in a marked circle on the floor in the large studio.

Two different texts about death and dying, written by Stina Nyberg and Hanna Wildow, was read aloud and intertwined by the artists — also lying down in the circle. The reading ended with a guided meditation by Stina Nyberg, in which the performers rehearsed the art of dying. The participants had been asked to prepare an anecdote or a story from a time when they experienced that their body was in decay, which was shared by those who wished after the meditation had ended. Some shared their story in speech, others in writing.

The second act took place in the foyer and in the small studio. The participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire on emotions, language, conversation, the public and the private, titled “Feel Me Tonight”, which later formed overlapping lyrics of a song. The second act was then performed as a choir, using the emotionality of the voice to perform a singing together.

You Follow Death is an audial documentation and a sound composition by Moa-Lina Croall. Based on a recording of the choir performance during c.along #7, Croall has abstracted and experimented with samples and generated an audial work; in itself a choreography. No instruments or other have been added, but are instead concrete sounds from the recordings that have been manipulated. Voices are transformed into violins; generating a creaking atonal string orchestra.

Choreography: Corrine Fitzpatrick, Egle Obcarskaite, Emma Kim Hagdahl, Emma-Lina Ericsson, Hanna Wildow, Izabella Borzecka, Janna Holmstedt, Joanna Zawieja, Masha Taavoniku, Marie Topp, Moa Sjöstedt, My Carnestedt, Nathalie Wuerth, Pia Gyll, Sara Magenheimer, Sara Teleman, Shiva Telavari, Sofia Wiberg, Stina Nyberg, Tove Dreiman Composition: Moa-Lina Croall


Dear Stina

Dear Hanna

Ars Moriendi – story by Stina Nyberg

Feel Me Tonight – questionnaire on emotions, language, the public and the private

c.along #7 – SCORE